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Emphasise your most expressive features with our Dermal Filler treatment


Dermal fillers are injectable products made from a substance called Hyaluronic acid, a naturally occurring substance within the body which is found in the deep layers of the skin known as the dermis, and one of its functions is to keep skin smooth and healthy by helping it retain water.

As we age natural lines and wrinkles deepen; lips lose their fullness, lines begin to appear around the mouth and nose area, and cheeks lose volume giving them a sunken and hollow appearance.

Dermal Fillers are a man made, non-animal, substance that mimics the body’s natural depleted hyaluronic acid. Once injected the fillers provide support and structure to the skin, giving a plumped and youthful appearance. The semi-permanent fillers provide safe, long-lasting and natural looking results. 

During the consultation, we will discuss your medical history, any current medications you are taking and whether you have had any previous facial treatments. We will also discuss your expectations of the treatment results.



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